What is the tool to fix one's neck in a neck sprain treatment?

It could be soft or hard, in plastic.

I did a web search for neck fixture, but it turned out to be a component of a lamp.

  • i think SrJoven has the right answer, but a neck brace or cervical collar is not usually called a "tool" or a "fixture", but rather a "medical appliance". Since you asked for a tool to fix a neck sprain, one could take that in the same sense as a tool to fix your car's engine. Yes, "fix" can mean hold in place, but it is ambiguous. I think your question would be better worded as "a device to hold neck steady" rather "tool to fix neck". May I edit it that way? Thank you. Commented Feb 1, 2015 at 9:06

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It is probably called a neck brace or cervical collar.


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