What are other formal ways of saying "I'm particularly interested in..."?

In this case it's for use on cover letters for CVs. The synonyms for "interested" offered by the thesaurus don't seem appropriate.

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Since this is for a CV, I am going to assume that your interests here are professional (or academic) interests, rather than what you like to do in your spare time.

Your initial version, “I am particularly interested in”, works just fine. If you’re looking specifically for something that sounds more formal and ‘business-like’, a few suggestions could be:

My primary interests are [in the field(s) of] …
My main focus is on …
Pivotal/essential/preeminent/major foci of my work include …

The last of these is significantly more formal than the others, bordering on being archaic. The first two are more natural and neutral in register.

The first talks mostly about what you find interesting topics, while the second and especially the third describe specific things that you have already specialised in and done work on.

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    Focus, as above; also "concentration". I hear that the kids these days use "obsessed with" on their their twitter CVs. – idunno Jan 31 '15 at 15:53

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