I'm translating a civil record to English, which has a table of information about a family registry. One of the titles is "Degree of Proximity", however I'm not sure which of the expressions suits the best in this context.

The items below that title in the column are: "himself, wife, son, daughter".

Wikipedia has an entry for Proximity of blood, and Google returns only 306,000 results for "degree of proximity" within the double quotes, which is not many.

What's the appropriate title I should use here?


Could you use 'Family relationship'?

Free Dictionary Definition:

Noun 1. family relationship - (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption


Is it possible that the title was shortened, and the phrase should be understood as "Degree of Proximity (of blood)"

Or it could be that "of blood" was dropped in order to show that "non-blood" -- and maybe non-traditional -- relations are to be included. In that case, you might coin something like degree of familial proximity.

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