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Is there any good noun to describe the quality being fit to each other? The picture as example, either of the two halves fits to the other. At this point, I want to make a sentence like this: Either of the two has [quality] [proper prep.] the other.


  • is a good fit for the other, is a good match for the other, were made for each other.
    – Jim
    Jan 26, 2015 at 5:49

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The two are perfectly compatible.


  1. Capable of existing or performing in harmonious, agreeable, or congenial combination with another or others: compatible family relationships.

The noun is compatibility, so you can say They have compatibility, but using the adjective as above is a simpler and stronger style.

Your template sentence uses Either. One of the definitions of either is both, however we don't normally use either in the way that you do. Some will say it's incorrect or unacceptable.


Complementary: serving to fill out or complete Reference : Merriam Webster online dictionary

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