I'm reading a novel set in the UK (I'm in Maryland, USA). In the novel, someone asks the time; the reply is, "gone eight." What does this mean, please? Thank you.


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gone with a time means later than, so gone eight means after eight o'clock.

You'd more often use it in circumstances to emphasise the lateness -

It's already gone 9.30, I was supposed to be in work half an hour ago.

and although you can use it for things which have not yet happened

I don't think he'll arrive 'till gone midnight

... you wouldn't use it to make plans:

Let's meet up gone lunchtime

you'd use after in this case.

  • I was about to say this is genref. Then I read your answer. Much better than the bare bones in Collins. At least I agree with their classification as an adverb here (makes a change). But it's almost certainly the remains of a verbal construction. Jan 25, 2015 at 23:25

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