I was writing recently, and wanted to reference a competition managed by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It's called the "Global Liveability Rating".

First of all, should I capitalize the name of the competition? Second of all, is "liveability" even a word? Spell-check deems it an error almost universally.

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  • Spell-check is exactly that: a spell check. It does not determine whether a word is incorrectly spelled or not, or whether a word exists or not; it alerts you the author or editor to check that it is and it does. – choster Jan 27 '15 at 6:33

Yes, you should capitalize Global Liveability Rating, as it is a title for something. If the name is turned into an acronym (GLR), then you should definitely capitalize each initial letter of each word of the acronym.

Yes, liveability actually a word. It is the British spelling of the American Livability.

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