I can get the definition of 'afforestation' from Google, but not how this word was created in the first place. Also, the affix is not clear to me.

Does anyone know anything about it? Please explain it to me.

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  • Wiktionary gives the etymology (partly via links). – Edwin Ashworth Jan 15 '15 at 0:37

Well, Merriam-Webster says:

Medieval Latin afforestation-, afforestatio, from afforestare to put under forest laws, from Latin ad- + Medieval Latin foresta, forestis forest

First Known Use: 1649

(Which is interesting — I would have guessed that it was a neologism.)


The root word here is forest. The verb afforest means to create a forest (the prefix af- actually comes from ad- in Latin, meaning "to, onto"). The -ion suffix for a noun is obvious.

(Don't thank me, I got most of this from Merriam-Webster, actually).

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