This question came up when answering tickets today at work. A client says they've been having one singular problem across multiple entries. How should I phrase my response?

"Which entries was this happening on?" or "What entries was this happening on?"

Neither of these sound right. Is the issue tense? i.e.:

"Which entries has this been happening on?"

I'm pretty sure 'which' should be correct because I'm asking for specific entries from a list.

What's the correct option here?

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The awkwardness comes from splitting which/what and on.

Try: On which entries did this problem occur?

or, if you like the sound of it better: For which entries did this problem happen?

"Which" is better than "What" because you are asking about specific individual entries.

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    Thanks, I totally missed the preposition being at the end of the sentence there.
    – Skyl3lazer
    Jan 14, 2015 at 20:34
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To my ear,

"Which entries did this happen with?" [for a discrete set of events]


"Which entries has this been happening with?" [for events occurring over an extended period]

are the most natural-sounding wordings.

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