For example what is a better word to replace "struck" in the following example.

I watched the Movie ABC today and what John said about gossip really struck me.

Update: The word I was looking for was enthralled.

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The Canadian film "Incendies" had an overwhelming impact on me. When I left the theatre I could hardly walk."


"Struck a chord with/in me" is clearer. You could also say "That was a very moving movie," although in that case you'd probably use "film", instead.

Also: Eye-opening.

  • If I say "struck a code" wouldn't that mean I'm reminiscing something? I want the impact to be something new and I will remember forever. Do you know if there is a word for such feeling?
    – Nocturnal
    Jan 10, 2015 at 21:52
  • Reminiscing perhaps,but "struck a chord" is more about the feeling or emotion that is stirred, than the specifics of a memory of similar emotion. "Eye-opening" means (more likely) a new experience.
    – Oldbag
    Jan 10, 2015 at 22:16

Disturbing if it had a negative psychological impact. Memorable and gripping would describe for me a movie that takes hold of me for a while.


For direct replacement: 'stuck with', 'affected'

If positive/negative: 'impressed' / 'disturbed' (see OSFox above), 'bothered', 'unsettled'

With slight rewording: 'consumed my thoughts', 'prompted a lot of thought about', 'fixed my thoughts', etc.


Made an impression on me. Moved or stirred me also could work fine.

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