I am trying to think of synonyms for two similar descriptions but where the length of the actual description is different. I have checked this thread, but I want feedback due to the nature of the lengths in question.

The first is a word for a very short description of something, like a single sentence in length.

Highland events in the south-east promote tourism.

I was thinking tagline, but tagline seems to be associated with marketing or advertising.

The second is a word for a more detailed and lengthy description of something, more like a paragraph in length.

The Highlands’ events also include some of Scotland’s most popular music festivals including Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival and RockNess. The legendary Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival always promises to be a memorable weekend, with lots of tastings, demonstrations and live music.

I was thinking excerpt, but this seems to apply to media in being a direct quotation rather than a description.

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    Synopsis, summary, summarization, précis, abstract, outline, digest, rundown, roundup, abridgment. – Hot Licks Jan 11 '15 at 1:20
  • "tl;dr" (long) and "tl;drtldr" (short) :) – idunno Jan 11 '15 at 1:45

The first (short) blurb is a "comment". The longer blurb is a "description".

If you were asking someone to write these, for example, to accompany a photo, you could request a "short blurb", (usually a single sentence) or a "long blurb" (a short paragraph). (US)

Ex: Let's include a blurb about the Highland Events in this article.

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