I am wondering if it is possible to use only a "the" at the beginning of some successive nouns instead of using "the" for all the nouns; by the way of illustration:

the system and law both contribute to governing equations;

instead of:

the system and the law both contribute to governing equations

thanks in advance for your help


In general, English gets by without repeating the article, as in "Put the eggs, milk and butter in a bowl". But I'd say that it would be better to repeat it in the case of "the system and the law", because "the law" is an entity [standing e.g. for "the law of England and Wales"], different from "law" in general".

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  • An obvious pair of sentences illustrating the 'single concept v two entities' difference: 'The bacon and eggs was delicious.' / 'The bacon and the eggs are both running out.' – Edwin Ashworth Jan 3 '15 at 11:29

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