In the Rework book written by Jason Fred there is a chapter named "Skip the rock stars". Can somebody tell me what does it mean?

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Skip the rock stars, that is, avoid recruiting rock stars:

  • Skip the Rock Stars, Hire the Band:

  • Quick – name your favorite one-man band. You know, someone who masterfully juggles a guitar, harmonica and foot drum at the same time. Who’s your favorite?

  • If you’re stumped, there’s a reason. Precious few people produce anything truly memorable or inspiring when they try to do it all. Usually, they just burn themselves out. It’s necessary for every business to hire talented, competent people who have a vision and are willing to work hard to achieve it. But it is not sufficient. The real secret to success is to hire a rock band – maybe even a whole orchestra – rather than simply focusing on recruiting big-name rock stars.

(from The Wall Street Journal)

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