They succeed in persuading me to leave the field of technology in which I can easily find assurance in terms of job opportunity and financial stability.

Please tell me whether I can use the word "field" here. By “field” I mean a specific area of knowledge, can one say that one can find assurance of job opportunity in an area of knowledge?


Yes, field is fine. But I would change "in which I can easily find assurance in terms of job opportunities and financial stability" to ", although I could have easily found job opportunities and financial stability."

Reasoning: -> Your phrasing "easily find assurance" is redundant; either "could have easily found" or "could have been assured of" are sufficient. -> "in terms of" is wordy and is best left out. -> since he convinced you to leave the field, the job and success are now what MIGHT have been; hence use "could have" rather than "can"

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