You have suffered many hardships and lived ...." (the term I want to find is here, it's like people live under poor conditions and don't have many facilities, lack of something to support their daily lives. What word should I use to describe that situation?)

  • "Poverty" can be applied in many ways. – Hot Licks Dec 20 '14 at 15:42


"lived without..."

"lived in lack of..."

"lived bereft of..."

"lived in deprivation..."

More directly emphasising poverty:

"lived in poverty..."

"lived in penury..."

"lived destitute..."

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  • 'Penuriously' meets OP's semantic requirements, but I'm not suggesting it as a reasonable choice. Your prepositional phrases are far more idiomatic. – Edwin Ashworth Dec 20 '14 at 14:32
  • Also, in want. – StoneyB on hiatus Dec 20 '14 at 14:33
  • @EdwinAshworth I’m sure the same people who trashed the paediatrician’s office would also snigger quite sillily at penuriously, assuming it to be a descriptor of someone with rather too many male reproductive appendages in their life. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Dec 20 '14 at 16:39

You're looking for "humbly"

"You have suffered many hardships and lived humbly"

humbly (adv)

humble (adj) low in importance, status, or condition: a humble home. TFD, of low social, administrative, or political rank. OED

  • "He came from a humble, unprivileged background". OED

  • "She's not ashamed of her humble beginnings." Merriam-Webster

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You could say the person lived simply, which does not mean they were necessarily bothered by the ascetic conditions, and may even have been a deliberate choice.

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  • I didn't get the sense that it was a voluntary choice from the OP's question, but if that's what was intended, then better choices would have been "lived a spartan existence" or "lived an austere life". – Deepak Dec 20 '14 at 14:00

"...lived a hand-to-mouth existence".

"...lived hand-to-mouth".

"...lived never knowing where the next meal was coming from".

"...lived like paupers".

"...and could scarcely make ends meet".

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