I wanted to know if argument could be used anonymously with words like intensify. I've seen it used in that way in some cases.

For example, in a game I play, there is an ability called "Argument" and the ability makes other abilities stronger. I've also seen argument used in this way on other occasions but I can't think of any specific instances at the moment.

  • You can have any rules you want in a game. – Hot Licks Dec 18 '14 at 18:47
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    Are you sure you're not thinking of augment? ("to make or become greater in number, amount, strength") I have never seen argument used in the way you describe. – apsillers Dec 18 '14 at 19:16

I think you are confusing the word augment with the word argument. (Or your source is confusing them.)

Augment: To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity

Intensify: To make intense or more intense

In this way, augment and intensify can be used as loose synonyms. Though I would caution against any kind of broad-brush comparison; they really are two different words.

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