Can the word "register" be used as in the following sentence? In the brackets is not a part of the sentence.

The machine registers your name (on the machine itself).

I reviewed few dictionaries and seeing a very little possibility that this use is valid, but I just wanted to confirm here.

Thank you in advance.


That is grammatically perfect. Google 'register definition' and im sure you will find that it fits like a glove :)

Edit: assuming you mean that the machine / computer will add the name to its internal repository for names, which can also be called a 'register'.

It is a verb in your example, and a noun in the above sentence.

  • Thank you! Dictionaries did not convince me on this because I could find example sentences only with the registering item or operating person as the nominative. – Jun Kyoto Dec 17 '14 at 1:27

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