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I can't decide, both sounds right and return results on Google.

So is it "any product group" or "any product groups"?

Context: The context is that some product can has sub-product that are part of groups, some have products and some don't. So I will add a method to know "any_product_groups?", "has_product_groups?", "any_product_group?", ... I'm not sure.

Example: "Has this product any product group(s)?"

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The correct sentence would be:

"Does this product have any product groups?"

Any would always be followed the plural (or mass noun). You could also say "Does this product have a product group?"

However, "product group" is a weird phrase that doesn't mean what I think you want it to mean. I would say that a product group is a group of products, so for a product to have a product group, as opposed to belong to a product group, seems awkward.

  • Thanks, yeah it's a little awkward but product have child product groups – Dorian Dec 16 '14 at 1:46

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