There is a word used in English but from Italian (I think) which has the following meaning:

To witness something or someone of such profound beauty that you are compelled to sing aloud in praise.

I cannot find it anywhere. I remember that, when asked, it sounded a little like the French word "parler" or "parlons" (to speak) if that helps.

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    Perhaps you're looking for paean? That's got something to do with praise and is somewhat close to parlons in sound
    – Robusto
    Dec 15, 2014 at 3:18
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    If there genuinely is a word for this, it'll rival Shoeburyness as the showcase example demonstrating that English has a word for everything. Dec 15, 2014 at 3:20

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While not matching your French hint ...

Rapture or raptures. MacMillan says

to be in an extremely happy or excited state, and show this by what you say

But there are many other possibilities:

  • ecstasy
  • elation
  • euphoria
  • exaltation
  • exhilaration
  • enchantment
  • inspiration
  • rhapsody
  • transports

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