As I need to use the phrase a lot in a piece of document, I don't want to sound too repetitive ... so anyone with any suggestions as to alternative phrases and/or any phrases that suggest that someone is totally out of control (because of drunkenness)? Thanks!

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There is no shortage of terms for being intoxicated.

This link provides some 365 different options. Below are the English language options.

In his (choose one of the following 100s) state.

The following will exemplify why lists are considered of topic.

addled ankled badgered banjaxed bashed battered beery befuddled befuggered bent besotted bevvied up bibacious bibulous blacked out bladdered blasted blathered bleezin blitzed blootered blotto boiled as an owl bombed boogaloo boozed up boozy bosko absoluto bosky Brahms and Liszt buckled buttered buttoned buzzed cabbaged canned Chevy Chased clobbered cockeyed corned crapulous crocked crunk crunkered dead to the world decimated destroyed dipso disorderly drunk elevated etched euphoric fecked feeling no pain fleein’ fleemered floothered flushed four to the floor fried fuddled full as a goog full of loud mouth soup full-snooted ganted gassed gatted giddy glorious goosed got yer wobbly boots on got your beer goggles on groggy gubbed guttered had a bit too much had one too many half cut half in the bag half-crocked half-seas over hammer-blowed hammered hanging have had too much to drink have tied one on having a close look at the footpath having a jag on having the whirlygigs high higher than a kite hooched up hosed housed howling hunting bear with a swtich in a stupor in quite a state in your cups inabstinent inebriated inebrious intemperate intoxicated jober as a sudge jolly juiced kippered lagged up lamped langered larrupt lashed leathered legless liquidly exuberant liquored up liquorish lit lit like a Christmas tree lit up loaded locked loo la looped lubricated luchy lush mad wey it mangled manky mashed maudlin meff’d mellow Merle Haggard merry minced ming mong minging moired moist and garrulous mollo monged monkey-full mottled Moulin Rouged muckibus muddled mullered muntit muzzy narcotized Newcastled nicely irrigated with horizontal lubricant obfuscated obliterated obliviated oblonctorated off the wagon off yer face off yer pickle off yer trolley off your woo on a bender on a campaign on a spree on the turps one over the eight out cold out of control out of it out yer tree over the limit overcome overdosed on laughing syrup paggered palintoshed paralytic paralyzed peelywally peevied phalanxed pickled pie-eyed pished pissed piss-eyed pixilated plastered plotzed plowed poleaxed pollatic polluted potted potulent pot-valiant predicting earthquakes primed rat-arsed rat-legged ratted ravaged razzled red in the nose reek-ho rendered ripped rip-roaring roaring rubbered ruined sauced scattered schlitzed schnockered schnooked screwed scuppered scuttered seeing double sewed up shickered shitfaced shithoused skew-whiff slagged slaughtered slizzard slopped up sloppy sloshed slozzled smashed snatered snobbled snockered sodden somewhat the worse for wear sottish soused sozzled spaced spangled spannered spiffed spifflicated splashed splattered spongelled squiffy squished steaming steampigged stewed stiff stinking stinko stoned stonkin stotious swacked tanked tashered temulent three sheets to the wind tiddley tight tipsy tired and emotional toasted totalled trashed troattered trollied troubled trousered tweaked twisted twizzled under the influence under the table under the weather unsober unsteady vulcanized warped wasted well lubricated wellied whaled Williamed winehoused wiped out wired with the fairies woofled woozy wrecked zombied zoned zonked

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    You forgot "had a snoot full". – Hot Licks Dec 14 '14 at 3:35
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  • Is tight still used this way? – pazzo Dec 14 '14 at 10:06
  • @CarSmack Can't say I've ever read/heard tight used that way, but that is true of many of these terms; when is the last time you heard pixelated refer to a drunk? – Minnow Dec 14 '14 at 18:27

Inebriated. Defined as; drunk, intoxicated, stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol).

"He was helplessly inebriated after drinking the bottle of vodka."

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There are several phrases that could convey the same as "drunken state". The best that occurs to me is: "intoxicated with alcohol".


You can use the phrase "drunken stupor".

Merriam-Webster has the following definitions for stupor:

a condition in which someone is not able to think normally because of being drunk, drugged, tired, etc.

a condition of greatly dulled or completely suspended sense or sensibility <a drunken stupor>

It gives the following example for stupor:

He fell into a drunken stupor.

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