I would like to use the slogan "Plan work. Track time." for a product I'm working on. However, I'm a bit alarmed by the fact I get virtually no search results on Google for "plan work", which gives me the impression it's not proper English. Is it?

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Actually, "plan work" is grammatically correct. As a native speaker, I also understand perfectly what you are trying to get at. It's just a command. If in doubt, consider the sentence "I plan work."

Furthermore, since "plan work" doesn't show up with much in Google, that might make it a perfect slogan for your product. Good luck!


Just to be pedantic, you can do what you please. Perhaps the question may better be phrased is it clear (given some context) what I'm trying to say?. You could also borrow a leaf from Steve Jobs and get away with something as grammatically incorrect as Think Different. No license required.

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    Gotta say, you're so funny!
    – Irwin
    Dec 14, 2014 at 11:57

Yes, "plan work" is grammatically correct. But it doesn't feel right. How about "Plan your work. Track your time." ?


I guess the subject is your software, rather than "you". To emphasize this idea, how about "Plans your work. Tracks your time."?

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