Can someone write "we embraced" to mean "we embraced each other?"


Yes, it's very common to use that form of expression to imply that you do something with/to each other. For example, we met, we talked, we shook hands, we played golf, we hugged, we kissed.

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    Another example that pops to mind is .. too vulgar to list here :) – Brad Apr 16 '11 at 5:59

It is perfectly well to write "we embraced" to mean "we embraced each other".


The simplest sentences in English contain a single independent clause. That means that they:

  1. Contain a subject
  2. Contain a verb
  3. Express a complete thought

Apply those tests and you'll see that the answer is "yes": your sentence has a subject ("we"), a verb ("to embrace" in the simple past tense) and conveys a complete thought (i.e. is not dependent on any other clause to complete the meaning).

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