I am looking for a word or very short/concise phrase that would mean the furthest in the future given a collection of dates.

I am currently using Most Distant, but it feels very esoteric, and previously it was using Most Recent which I think is just plain misleading.

Some quick background, this is for use within an application where a group of objects have a date attached to them and they also need a property to denote the one that is farthest in the future so I'm looking to come up with a good descriptive name for that property.


In the (most) remote future?

"remote" - far away in time : happening a long time ago or far into the future. Merriam-Webster

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Sequent se·quent ˈsēkwənt/ adjective

following in a sequence or as a logical conclusion.

Foremost fore·most ˈfôrˌmōst/ adjective

most prominent in rank, importance, or position


Something less esoteric might be furthest/closest; first/last; begin/end; leading date/end date; furthest pending/immediately pending. Perhaps, last sequent would leave little in doubt.

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After a quick brain storming session with some colleagues we've decided on

Final : happening or coming at the end.

Also considered were

Terminal: of or relating to an end, extremity, boundary, or terminus


Hindmost: farthest to the rear

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The furthest in the future would be the last to occur, so I would say, simply, "last" or one of its synonyms (since "last" can also be taken to mean "most recent" as "last before now").

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  • The problem is that if the dates occur in an unsorted list, last could refer to the last item in the list which may not be the furthest out in time. But latest would seem to work. – Jim Feb 26 at 14:56
  • Ah, I see. I have actually also settled on latest in such cases but don't love it because it sounds like it could be referring to the time of day regardless of the date. – xr280xr Feb 26 at 21:52

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