I am writing an article about strategy formation and have trouble finding the right verbs. For instance, I would like to say something about the process of forming a strategy but have some serious doubts about using 'forming'. Would there be a better word, formating for instance?

I had a hard time looking for duplicates, since strategy as well as formation are very often used in a different context. My excuses if the answer to this question is already somewhere I did not find.

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Some suggestions:

  • conceive: "It was difficult to conceive a strategy that countered their negative campaign."
  • formulate: "We didn't have a lot of time to formulate a strategy."
  • come up with (informal)" "We couldn't come up with a new strategy for the product launch."
  • think of/up (informal): "We couldn't think of [/up] a good strategy to increase market share."
  • Thank you, formulate is what I will use, although conceive would also be suitable, in this case it is more about putting it on paper so formulate would be my winner. Dec 1, 2014 at 13:54

One choice is formulate, formulating, formulation. Craft is a strong word meaning to make and suggests care, skill, or quality, though it has been used so much in recent years that people may feel it losing it's power.


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