Please, is there a collective word for all the parts of a word, prefix, stem and suffix?

  • Are you looking for the word affix? – Yoav Kallus Nov 23 '14 at 1:24
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    The prefix, stem, and suffixes of any English word together yields… the word. Or was that not what you meant? – Janus Bahs Jacquet Nov 23 '14 at 1:50
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    A morpheme is the smallest meaningful unit of a word, whether it be affix or base. – pazzo Nov 23 '14 at 2:20

Word part would be the only phrase that can be considered as a hypernym for all parts of a word. (Some sources mention as word element also).

[A few sources: 1, 2, 3, 4]

If you didn't say stem but said root, morpheme would be the collective word. Because roots are composed of only one morpheme while stems can be composed of more than one morpheme. So we can't say that all stems are morphemes.

But some sources still mention stem as a morpheme because they can be roots or inflectional roots.

In general, morphemes are affixes, roots and clitics.

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