What refers to tools common to the kitchen? For example utensils, plates, bowls, cups, cutting boards etc. At first I thought "kitchen appliances" but usually the phrase refers to electronic devices exclusively.

EDIT: I should add that food should definitely not be included by the word's definition.

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    utensils might work by itself – Mou某 Nov 20 '14 at 8:18

Maybe kitchenware is what you are looking for:

Kitchenware includes utensils, appliances, dishes, cookware, and so on for use in the kitchen.


utensils and appliances for use in a kitchen


  • Ah, you were just a bit quicker :-) – andy256 Nov 20 '14 at 8:21

Kitchenware covers everything you would want in a kitchen.


Kitchen supplies is a general term to refer to the whole set of things generally used in a kitchen.

Also kitchen accessories.

Ngram kitchen supplies/kitchen accessories


For the objects mentioned in the question Kitchenware would be more appropriate as Kitchenware are the hardware utensils for use in a kitchen.

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