When a sales assistant asks "Can I help you?", can I respond with "No, thanks" ? Or are there more common ways of responding, instead of using "No, thanks" ?

  • In, say, an American department store, no, thanks or no, thank you are fine, as are that's all right, thanks or I'm fine, thanks or any of hundreds of other phrases. But this question is on the broad side: how to respond and whether or not to respond at all depends on where in the world you are and the the type of establishment you are in. In, say, a Marrakechi souk, the "best" response is to completely ignore the tout, as any kind of response will be taken as engagement and the first step on the long path to a purchase. – choster Nov 18 '14 at 16:17

You can say: "I'm just looking, thanks."


You can use a positive sentence instead of a negative one. Examples are:

I'm fine, thank you.


I got it, thanks.

There are also responses that will signal to the salesperson that you will need their assistance soon:

Not at the moment, thanks.

If you are just browsing and not sure you want to buy anything you can say:

I'm just looking, thanks.

Those responses are more pleasant in my view, and they leave place to ask for help later.

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