You hear about these a lot in people with Alzheimers. This can also happen to normal people when they eat right and get a good night's sleep and feel very clear headed.

I am looking for a more formal word, as opposed to informal (e.g. A-game days would be informal)

Is there a term, preferably one word, that describes this phenomenon?

  • not one word, but I usually use the phrase "in the zone".
    – smcg
    Nov 7, 2014 at 20:50

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They have lucid days.

Showing or having the ability to think clearly, especially in intervals between periods of confusion or insanity:

but it's not usually applied to people whose mental processes are normal all the time.


"We have heard from several people that close relatives with Alzheimer's disease became amazingly lucid for short periods of time after receiving narcotic pain relievers."

More examples:


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