I've left high school and we don't study English at University and I feel that I haven't learnt to pronounce at all yet. What habits or routines can I do to speak better and fluent?

Thank you so much!

  • You can do pretty well by listening to the BBC, or another news service that is known to use good English (such as National Public Radio in the US). – Hot Licks Nov 5 '14 at 21:49
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As a native English speaker (albeit with a regional accent) I make the following suggestions based on my experiences with learning a little Polish, Japanese and Italian.

The primary way of improving our pronunciation is to mix and speak with the people who speak as we aspire.

Addition free methods that help

  • Watch and speak with classical movies such as My Fair Lady.

  • Read poetry aloud. This helps with rhythm, and rhyming poetry helps with pronunciation.

  • Sing. Church services are a one place we can sing with other people (meaning no one is actually listening to us). One does not have to be a believer to go and participate, and many churches display the words on a screen.

  • Watch the TV news. This can help with current idioms, the speed at which native speakers speak, and variations in pronunciation.

  • Listen to the radio. This can help develop your "internal voice".

  • Do an online course.

  • Join a local English speaking association, such as Toastmasters or similar.

And finally, one that can cost money

  • Join a local English class.
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