Given such a view of thought and rationality, human performance and experience that take form in nondiscursive modes of conception and expression are regarded as nonrational, somehow less a function of human intelligence and clearly having little to do with knowing or understanding.

What is the meaning of the bolded part?

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When thing-A is said to be "a function of" thing-B (excepting in the mathematical sense) it means that there is a causal link- Thing A is as a result of or derived from Thing-B

If you substitute the words "not derived from" for "less a function of" then the meaning will remain the same but will hopefully be clearer.


Taking your hand off of a burning hot stove, is not a function of human intelligence, it simply hurts and your react instinctively. Cooking a meal on the other hand involves a great many steps that are a function of human intelligence.

The sentence is using big words to categorize and contrast the two types of activity.

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