Is there a special term for quiz bowl/knowledge bowl/trivia game-show competitors or people who otherwise spend their time remembering trivia for such competitions?


Quizzer may be used for a quiz bowl player, at least in some places. There are several examples in this Wikipedia article and related articles. This usage appears to be very informal, as I could not find a reputable dictionary that contains this definition. Quizzer does not appear to be globally embraced by quiz bowl participants. Most of the references I found were in India or on Wikipedia, with very few in North America and the UK. In any case, quizzer is not applied to TV game shows. Quizzer has a different usage in India -- see Yaitzme's comment.

Player is commonly used for quiz bowl competitors.

Contestant is commonly used for TV game show competitors.

Someone who is serious about trivia may informally be called a trivia junkie, whether or not they compete.

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  • As a quizzer from India . .. – Yaitzme Oct 29 '14 at 10:42
  • Actually, even in India, 'quizzer' usually does not refer to participants of quiz bowl/trivia-game-show (partly due to the paucity of such shows in India). More accurately, it refers to participants of Indian funda quizzes (which are more like pub quizzes). – Yaitzme Oct 29 '14 at 10:47

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