Is the following sentence correct?
I have confirmed their result, also showing that their theory is acceptable.

I suppose that it involves very basic grammar, but I am just not sure. Can anybody help me?


Your example has neither a past nor a present continuous construction. If it did, it would read thus:

I confirmed their results and am also showing that their theory is acceptable.

That would indeed be grotesque; but your example is acceptable:

  • Your main clause, I've confirmed their results, is headed by a verb in the present perfect. This expresses a present state, the confirmation of the results, which arises from your prior action.

  • showing that their theory is acceptable is a subordinate clause headed by the present participle of the verb show. This form is ‘non-finite’—it is not marked for tense, and it ‘borrows’ its time reference from the main clause.

Both clauses thus refer to the same timeframe: the present.

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