I'm looking for a word that puts a portfolio, kit, packet, etc., in the context of being used for decision-making.

Examples of how this word may be used:

  1. A mailer to inform voters about propositions they may vote on

  2. A franchise kit, but using this word instead of "kit"

  • What's wrong with "Decision Kit", a kit for putting together a decision. Oct 27 '14 at 22:10

I would consider 'dossier'. Whilst it is usually used in a political or legal context, I think it does describe a collection of supporting documents that are collated in order to help make an informed decision about something.

From Mirriam-Webster

Dossier - a group of papers that contain detailed information about someone or something


I would say guide.

a book, pamphlet, etc., giving information, instructions, or advice; handbook: an investment guide.


something that provides a person with guiding information


A guide guides you. It helps you to make a decision. Guide, as a verb, has this meaning also.

to help someone form an opinion or make a decision:



Franchise Guide - Helpful information to make a confident investment decision


The Ministry has produced two election guides – one for voters and one for candidates – in order to make election information easier to find and more user-friendly.

  • 2014 Candidates' Guide for Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections

  • 2014 Voters' Guide for Ontario Municipal and School Board Elections



DSS, Decision Support System, for one. There are other terms, other ways to look at it, depending on context.

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