Its a simple ask as it doesn't appear to be wrong while using it in emails etc.

I didn't had breakfast or i didnt have breakfast.

Which one of above is better in grammatical manner.

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"I didn't have breakfast" is correct. After the auxiliary verb DO, we use the bare infinitive of the full verb, not a tensed form. "I didn't had breakfast" is wrong.


I didn't have is correct. The use of the auxiliary, to do, in negatives and interrogatives is always folllowed by the bare infinintive.


HAD and HAVE can be quite interchangeable, they simply need wording correctly.

'I've had no breakfast' means the same as 'I didn't have breakfast'
'Did you have any breakfast?' is the same as 'Have you had any breakfast?'

A little tip is; If HAVE-HAS use HAD. i.e, They've had, you've had, we've, I've, He's, She's, It's etc.

Just be careful when it comes to Tense, and the meaning is different.
'I have an idea', 'I had an idea'

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