In movies when you have a bad guy who can trigger a spring loaded metal spike from his shoe to try and hurt you, what is the metal piece and/or the shoe/boot called? There has to be a term for that, I just can't find it.

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    What makes you think "there has to be a term for that"? Can you back up that assumption? – RegDwigнt Oct 21 '14 at 14:00

Rosa Klebb’s spiked shoes (From Russia With Love)
Nothing in Bond's own arsenal is quite as instantly deadly or memorable as Klebb’s poisoned shoe spikes in From Russia with Love, an accessory which helps define a whole character – even if Lotte Lenya is quite sufficiently fearsome without them.

  • Poison-tipped spike

Source Wikipedia

Not to be confused with Stiletto which is the name of a type of heel named after a type of knife

Nor to be confused with spike cleats

or spiked shoes

(source: fashionghana.com)


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