When writing a numerical street, do you use a cardinal number (220 Street) or ordinal number (220th Street)

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    It depends on the actual name of the street. Nearly all streets named with numbers are named with ordinal numbers, but I am sure there are a few named "two street" and "five street" somewhere in the world. (And some in English-speaking countries are even named with Spanish numbers.) – Peter Shor Oct 20 '14 at 16:26
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    I find it hard to believe any town/city planners could be so unimaginative as to have over two hundred streets (or avenues, or whatever) that they couldn't be bothered to think of names for. But Fifth Avenue is always ordinal - I never heard of anything like Five Avenue. – FumbleFingers Oct 20 '14 at 17:57
  • @FumbleFingers the crappy little podunk known as Manhattan, New York City. – Digital Chris Oct 20 '14 at 18:17
  • @Digital Chris: Wow! Every tin-pot local councillor in Britain would weep to see a road that could have been named in his honour being wasted on an unappreciative number! – FumbleFingers Oct 20 '14 at 18:29
  • @FumbleFingers: there's a "Five Road" in Carmel, Maine. But cardinal-number streets are incredibly rare. – Peter Shor Oct 21 '14 at 15:01

The US Post Office web site will standardize an address with such a street to the ordinal version. So at least for addressing an envelope to an American recipient, the answer is ordinal.

Having said that, I should mentioned an exception. In some rural areas, otherwise-unnamed roads are numbered consecutively. In these cases, the word 'Road' precedes the number, e.g., Zillow has a record for

26180 County Road 97
Davis, CA 95616

(This is not my home; I found it with Google knowing the roads in that area. Road 98 is nearby.)

Miami's Calle Ocho, home of the Cuban community, is not an official Post Office designation AFAIK.

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    Cardinal number after is also used for state highways, US routes, and Interstate highways, e.g. I-95, Route 66, and the 505. – Barmar Oct 21 '14 at 17:59

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