I always have problem by using "as much as". Assume I start job 1 at 9 AM, and job 2 at 10 Am.

Which of these sentences can be correct?

1- I postpone job 2 as much as an hour... .

2- I postpone job 2 by as much as an hour... .

3- I postpone job 2 by an hour... .

Indeed, I want to highlight the value "an hour" in my sentence.

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    "As much as" means up to an hour, and so, critically also implies it could be less than an hour (in fact, it treats the full hour as the most extreme, and therefore, least likely, case); by contrast, by means precisely an hour. – Dan Bron Oct 15 '14 at 13:03

'I will postpone the second job for an hour' means for exactly 1 hour.

'I will postpone the job for as much as an hour' means up to 60 minutes.

The correct way to use 'by' is to say, 'I will postpone the time when I start the second job by an hour.'

  • There is nothing wrong with #3 "I will postpone job 2 by an hour"; however it works just as well without "by ". "I will postpone job 2 an hour. – Brian Hitchcock Jan 14 '15 at 7:28

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