I wanted to tell a friend that I've discovered a new social outlet, but then I realized it was also an inlet. I was wondering if there's a word or phrase that combines those two meanings.

Something like pipeline perhaps? But social pipeline doesn't sound right.

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    Social network sounds like the most obvious answer to me. Networks are where information flows in and out, an inlet as well as an outlet. – Dispenser Oct 2 '14 at 16:00
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    In computer hardware terms they are called 'ports'. – WS2 Oct 2 '14 at 17:32
  • In high level software architecture, e.g. Spring framework, they are called channels. – Blessed Geek Oct 2 '14 at 20:05

Perhaps channel. The term has multiple meanings, several of which align with your concept. For example, Merriam-Webster offers, among others

  • a means of communication or expression: as (1) : a path along which information (as data or music) in the form of an electrical signal passes (2) plural : a fixed or official course of communication: went through established military channels with his grievances
  • a way, course, or direction of thought or action: new channels of exploration

The phrase social channel might work.

  • Saying "perhaps" would be an understatement. Channel is exactly the word used both in software engineering and social media. A simplex channel = one-way channel, either input/inlet or output/outlet. A duplex channel is a channel that allows inlet as well as outlet. A half-duplex channel is a channel that can function both ways, but only one way at a time, and has to be switched back and forth between inlet and outlet. – Blessed Geek Oct 2 '14 at 20:02
  • @BlessedGeek The perhaps is meant to indicate that I do not know the exact intent/point of view of the OP. – bib Oct 2 '14 at 20:07

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