Is it correct to use the question sign ? for indirect questions started with the phrase "I'm wondering"?

For example,

I am wondering if you know his name?

Formally this is not a question, because it starts with "I am wondering" but not "Am I wondering".

  • In this instance I would use it, since a question is implied. You do not necessarily require an interrogative sentence to produce a question mark. 'Coffee?' – WS2 Oct 2 '14 at 14:31

I believe this is what is referred to as an "embedded direct question", and I would not use the question mark.

When I read it with the question mark, it connotes to me that the person is pondering whether if they themselves are wondering.

From Garammar-monster.com: I wonder whether Anne is going to the party. (Embedded direct question: Is Anne going to the party?)

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Yes, as @WS2 states, since a question is implied, use of question mark is permissible/appears valid.

Sometimes interrogative sentences are actually declarative sentences that have a question mark at the end.

If you ask this type of question, the last syllable of the final word in the sentence is spoken with a rising intonation.

Here are a few examples.

•The bus has already left?

•The Saints won the Super Bowl?

•It’s snowing in Florida?

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  • In general, your point is a fair one. But in your second example, I don't know a single native speaker who would emphasize Bowl. Normally, the stress would be on Saints, to express surprise or incredulity at their victory; if, unusually, you were surprised at what they won, the emphasis would probably be on the first syllable of Super – Tim Lymington Oct 2 '14 at 17:27

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