Eat and drink symbol

This is the symbol I am talking about, usually used in Google Maps


Those are generally called icons, or just symbols— as in "international symbol" or sometimes ISO symbols

(Note that, in fact, Google do not, I think, use ISO symbols; they have a building or two full of skilled illustrators to draw their own, superior, "symbols" or "icons".)

In most cases there's no particular name for any one symbol. For example, there are different symbols representing different types of hazards. See Wikipedia's Hazard symbol

For what it's worth, the Unicode value is: 1F374 or 1F37D
and is referred to as simply Fork and Knife.

screenshot of U1F300.pdf from the Unicode website showing the glyph labeled 1F374

Regarding the difference between icon and symbol. The term icon is very much used with apps on Samsung and Apple telephones, and is very often used in describing "button-like-things" on flat-screen software generally. So I'd be inclined to use the word symbol.

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