When should I use each of the collocations "knowledgeable about", "knowledgeable on", and "knowledgeable in"?


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If you must use knowledgeable, then

knowledgeable in

knowledgeable about

are your best choices. Knowledgeable on is not correct. On implies that knowledge is a physical object that can have a physical position relative to something. For example, the following phrases use prepositions that commonly apply to physical objects:

knowledgeable under

knowledgeable over

knowledgeable beside

These phrases don't make sense.

If you remove the -able suffix from knowledgeable, the phrases can be used in the following manner:

He has great knowledge in the field of Mathematics.

She possesses significant knowledge about Geology.

The NSA has voluminous knowledge of our calling habits.

Removing the -able suffix allows you to describe the knowledge involved in a more specific manner.

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