Which term describes that in a scenario where only one option or result is requested, but multiple are being offered, which might be perceived badly by the requester?


Q: I'm looking for a word that describes a scenario where one option is requested, but multiple ones are offered. Do you know such a word?
A: Yes, there are WORD_1 and WORD_2. Q: But I was only interested in WORD_1, why do you suggest also WORD_2?

Exceptional case that requires further specification of the original request, denial of the complete result or choice.

  • I only wanted one. I only need one. One is enough. Thank you, one will do. One's plenty. Thanks, just one is fine. (Is that too many?) Sep 16, 2014 at 22:52
  • Are you looking for a solitary word? Sep 16, 2014 at 23:37

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A polite way to refer to unwanted or excessive answers would be to thank the supplier for their effusive answer.


You're suffering from a surfeit of opportunity

An excessive amount of something [Oxford Dictionaries Online]

Or a plethora of potentialities

A large or excessive amount of (something) [ditto]

A colloquial phrase is enough already (or in Italian, basta!)


The word you may be looking for is supererogatory:

more than is needed, desired, or required

(The Free Dictionary)

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