What is the etymology of the term "Pasifika", which can mean the Pacific Islands, people of Pacific Island heritage (in a New Zealand context), or a festival held in Auckland about Pacific Island culture?

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It's a New Zealand English term derived from the Samoan version of a Portuguese version of a Latin phrase.

From The New Zealand Herald

Pasifika is an odd term, and one gaining increasing currency outside the annual festival at Western Springs. Essentially, its the samoanisation of a Portuguese nod to the Latin phrase Mare Pacificum, or peaceful sea, so named by navigator Ferdinand Magellan.

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It comes from Niuean. Favoured by publication editors, academics and government as way of raising awareness about the diversity of cultures.

  • Can you elaborate? Which cultures? What/where is Niuea? – Mitch Mar 25 at 15:04
  • I can't elaborate with respect to etymology, but Niue is a tiny, single-island (well, coral reef) country in the Pacific, in free association with New Zealand (i.e. all Niueans are citizens of New Zealand). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niue – alphabetasoup Aug 11 at 21:30

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