Given that MOTU -> Master of the Universe - One master of one universe .
Would the following be correct? And if not, what would be correct, and how would I answer the plural-plural problem at the bottom? Again, I'm looking for the multiple plural situation

MOTUs -> Masters of the Universe - Two masters of one universe   
MOTUs -> Master of the Universes - One master of many universes   
????? -> Masters of the Universes - Two masters of many universes

The usage would be something like-

The MOTU has spoken- the master of the universe has spoken  
The MOTUs have spoken- the masters of the universe have spoken  
The MOTUs has spoken- the master of the universes has spoken  
The ????? have spoken- the masters of the universes have spoken
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When you stick an 's' on an acronym, it doesn't stick an 's' on the last word of the acronym, but pluralizes the whole thing. So POWs means more than one POW, and thus "Prisoners of War" and not "Prisoner of Wars".

MOTUs is the plural of MOTU. so it means more than one Masters of the Universe. It's unclear whether it's two masters of two universes or two masters of one universe. However, for most uses one imagines that this can be deduced from context ... how many universes are there?

  • It's an example, replace universe with another noun and you're still stuck with the same conundrum. Masters of the Umbrellas... MOTUs could be Masters of the umbrella OR Master of the umbrellas, but then are you saying that it would also account for Masters of the Umbrellas?
    – MegaMark
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  • MOTUs is never "Master of the Umbrellas". People don't use plurals on acronyms that way. Commented Sep 12, 2014 at 13:08

At a very basic level, the subject-verb agreement could be leveraged:

The Masters of the Universe have spoken

would differentiate itself from

The Master of the Universe has spoken.

Still, if clarity is your goal

The MOTU have spoken

is perhaps not as clear as

The MOTU(s) have spoken

or even better yet:

The MOTU - all of them - have spoken

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    "all of them" do you mean all the masters or all the universes? ;-)
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