I'm not English native speaker and I'd like to know correct form of this sentence.

If I want to say that my favorites folder is empty what's the verb I should use in this case? I mean when the sentence will be like 'Favorites is/are' empty.

Could find neither singular nor plural mark in most of modern dictionaries.

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    You have to learn to recognize the head noun of the noun phrase that serves as the subject, as this is what governs subject–verb agreement. It is not always the first noun in the phrase, nor always the last one either. – tchrist Sep 9 '14 at 0:09

The best answer is My favorites folder is empty.

In this case, folder is the subject of the sentence and is singular, so you use the singular form is. Here, favorites acts as an adjective in the sentence; another way to phrase it would be My folder of favorites is empty.

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