When I was on a trip a while ago a friend had a word for the final bit of water in a bottle. The point of the word was to emphasize the (purported) high percentage of saliva in the final sip in a bottle. The word was used in situations where multiple people had drunk from the same bottle before the final sip.

I have forgotten the exact noun, but it sounded like /ɣɝʃlɛ/ to me. I'm fairly sure it wasn't a word in original English - it may have been borrowed from Hebrew or Arabic.

I found a reddit page with a similar question for German, where one user mentions "Spuckschluck", but it's not the word I remember.


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The word I am aware of is backwash (ODO). Although it doesn't specifically refer to the last sip, it is what the last sip will be made of.

The liquid that flows back into a bottle, glass, etc. after someone has taken a drink, assumed to contain that person’s saliva

So I would call it the "backwash sip".


The closest word I can think of for "the nasty stuff left at the bottom of a bottle after it's been drained" is "dregs".

However, that word usually refers to sediment of some sort, the settling out or precipitation of something that was in the solution to begin with, like the lees (dead yeast, basically) in an old bottle of wine.

It doesn't usually refer to something introduced from external sources, so I personally wouldn't use it to refer to the spittle in the bottom of a communal bottle.


Always called it the "pissline" at parties in my youth. It's slang but I really dont know how it came about.


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