Looking for an adjective to fill in the blank below:

I was talking to my stock broker. I wanted to say: I am not as _ as you who has access to all the facts, news and insider information (about the stock).

  • Insider information is the kind you're not allowed to trade on. Perhaps you're looking for well-versed, plugged-in, tuned-in, knowledgeable or informed. Aug 15, 2014 at 6:01

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You might use well-versed or phrases like completely informed, well-informed, or thoroughly informed. Expert is another possibility.


There might be another word you can use, if you modify your sentence slightly.

You could use: privy

I am not (as) privy to stock insider information/facts/news as you are.

Here, privy is an adjective that describes how well-informed/well-connected the other person is.

Per Oxford Dictionaries:

Privy to: Sharing in the knowledge of (something secret or private)

he was no longer privy to her innermost thoughts

The origin of privy:

Middle English (originally in the sense 'belonging to one's own private circle'): from Old French prive 'private' (also used as a noun meaning 'private place' and 'familiar friend'), from Latin privatus 'withdrawn from public life' (see private).

The freedictionary's definition closely aligns with your sentence example:

priv·y (prv) adj.

  1. Made a participant in knowledge of something private or secret: was privy to classified information.
  2. Belonging or proper to a person, such as the British sovereign, in a private rather than official capacity.
  3. Secret; concealed.
  • Yes; whether 'privy' is modifiable (? as privy as) is debatable, as you suggest by the 'scare brackets'. Aug 15, 2014 at 6:27

As a more informal expression you may use:

In the know:

  • Possessing special or secret information.

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