A company which develops a particular application for business persons has on their website the following:

Ready to give a test drive? Request a Demo Now.

In my opinion, the correct sentence should be

Ready to take a test drive? Request a Demo Now.

I think the customer would take a test drive, not give one. Which one is the correct sentence? Or are both okay?


I think you are right. Generally a student takes a test, while a teacher gives a test. But you may hear 'give a test' meaning 'take a test'.

Ngram show that 'take a test drive' is the more common expression.


I think they're confusing an idiomatic expression and condensing it into a shorter incorrect sentence. My best guess is that the sentence they were aiming for was more along these lines:

Ready to give it a shot and test drive? Request a Demo now.

You're right in that the correct grammatical expression is:

Ready to take a test drive? Request a Demo Now.

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