Currently looking into the effects of neuroscience on decision making. There is the limbic system which is in charge of the seeking of positive reward i.e. prospection. In contrast to this there is the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex which is in charge of regulating reward for long-term gain.

In this context what could be an antonym of prospection? I was wanting to include the suffix of -spection to imply some form of thought. Or could one invent an appropriate word using similar etymological processes? I'm trying to capture the idea of comparing contradictory values and seeking the best long term outcome; this is as opposed to only seeking reward without consideration for how it contradicts the potential value in other alternatives.

P.S. I am not looking for something strictly correct. More in the process of creating an appropriate new word for this concept.

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    How would you describe it in the same way you've described "prospection"? "There is the <??> system which is charge of avoiding negative outcome??" Is that the kind of antonym you're looking for or is the opposite "short-term gain" instead of long-term? – Jim Aug 8 '14 at 4:05
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    Haha, what implies I'm learning English as a second speaker @jwpat7? – AER Aug 8 '14 at 4:12
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    I think this would be better suited to cogsci.SE. Despite it being about an English word it is very technical and those in that technical field would have a better feel for things especially if this is a neologism. – Mitch Aug 10 '14 at 2:10
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    Just for the fun of it: prospection is, per the OP, is the cognitive act of seeking a positive reward. He wants an antonym, that is, the cognitive act of avoiding a negative penalty. He further wishes the word to end with "-spection" for reasons of symmetry, and is not overly concerned if the word enjoys currency or even official status. On an unrelated note, did you know there's an obsolete but historically legitimate synonym for "suspicion" (you know, the feeling that something bad is likely true, or going to happen)? I bet you had a suspection. – Dan Bron Aug 10 '14 at 4:49

-Spection comes from Latin specere: to look.

It has no particular connotation of cognition per se. The Latin for "to think" is cogitare.

Prospect means to look/see forward/ahead. The antonym, if there is one, is retrospect: to look back(wards).

Perhaps you are looking for a synonym for delayed gratification?

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