Which is grammatically correct?

  • "Request you to register me for the course"
  • "Request you to register myself for the course"

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I request you to register me/myself on the course.

Here, me or myself is the object of the verb register. To determine which to use, it's necessary to consider who is the agent of that verb: who is actually doing the registering.

If “I” is the person doing the registering, then “I” is also the object of the verb register and myself is appropriate. It's called a reflexive pronoun, because the action is reflected back on to the person doing it.

If “you” is the person doing the registering, having “I” as the object (which is different) means that myself is not appropriate and me should be used.

I request you to register me on the course.

In the above example, you do the registering, so you register me. However, in the next sentence, I do the registering, so I register myself.

I have to register myself on the course.

Having I as the subject of request does not affect which word to use as the object of register. For example, if “he” is to do the registering:

I requested him to register me on the course.
I requested him to register himself on the course.

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