I've been looking for the synonyms (especially poetic ones) referring to the nouns "tear" and "tear-drop". Unfortunately, there wasn't much for me to find. I've found two, poetic ones - "brine" and "lachryma". Are there some other (poetic or even archaic) synonyms?

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    If you live on Arrakis, you might well describe someone crying as shedding water. I've always found that quite poetic. May not work in your context, of course. (Arrakis is a desert planet where water is extremely scant, so shedding valuable water is seen as a sign of great emotion.) Jul 27 '14 at 19:56

Waterworks is used as a slang term which means tears or the source of tears.

Though, it is usually used in the idiom turn on the waterworks which means to start crying (especially for a dramatic effect).

Note: Waterworks is also used as a humorous euphemism for the urinary system in British English, so use the word with caution.

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